MiniRail XPRess System

MiniRail XPRess System

The MiniRail XPRess System is K2's solution for trapezoidal metal roofs. It comes in 17 inch sections of rail backed with EPDM to reduce the chance of water intrusion. The self-tapping screws used to install the rail to the peaks also has an EPDM washer to ensure a water-tight seal. The system can be installed on metal sheet roofs as thin as 26 gauge.

MiniRail XPRess System

Areas of application

The MiniRail XPRess System does not require additional roof attachments because the rail itself attaches to the roof. By using 4 self-tapping screws into the base you can install the 17 inch sections of rail to the peaks of the roofing.

MiniRail XPRess System

Technical data

MiniRail XPRess System
Scope of Application Trapezoidal metal roof
Fastening Type / Roof Fixture Place MiniRail XPRess Base on trapezoidal roof and screw into the peaks of the roof
Material MiniRail XPRess Rail: Aluminum (6000 Series), with EPDM
MiniRail XPRess Base Dimensions (WxH) 73mm x 44.18mm
MiniRail XPRess Base Length (L) 17in

MiniRail XPRess System


MiniRail XPRess System - Assembly Instructions

MiniRail XPRess System - Data Sheet

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