D-Dome Railless² System

D-Dome Railless² System

The D-Dome Railless² System is the fastest and easiest commercial flat roof system to install. It is designed with modular components and virtually no hardware. It is a low-ballast east-west system which maximizes available roof space and module density. The system can also be anchored if required in your area.

D-Dome Railless² System

The D-Dome Railless² System is compatible with all flat roof types. When you design your D-Dome System in base you can calculate how heavy your ballast should be to adhere to the wind conditions in your area. If it's needed, we also offer anchors for this sytem.

D-Dome Railless² System

Technical data

D-Dome Railless² System
Scope of Application Flat roofs up to 5° with membrane and built-up roof
Fastening Type/Roof Fixture Low ballast, no roof penetrations; anchors optional
  • Permissible module dimensions (L x W x H): 61 - 67" or 68 - 74" or 76.8 - 83.2" x 37.4" - 41.34" x 1.18" - 1.96"
  • Minimum system size: one row x three modules
  • Roof inclination of up to 5°, mechanical fastening from 3°
Technical Specifications
  • Thermal separation after max. 13.5 m: min. 30 mm to max. 150 mm
  • Minimum clearance to roof edge 500 mm (350 mm to other obstructions)
Module Slope 10°
  • Dome Peak R², Dome Base R², Dome Porter R², Dome Corner Strut R²: Aluminum 6063 T66 or 6061-T6
  • Roof Protection Mat R², Roof Spacer Mat R²: PUR-bound rubber granules
  • Module clamps: 304 Stainless Steel

D-Dome Railless² System


D-Dome Railless² System Assembly Instructions

D-Dome Railless² System Product Sheet

Technical Sheet - Ballast

Technical Sheet - Static

Technical Sheet - System

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